TECA Calculations & Designs

Certified to use the advanced software from TECA (Thermal Environmental Comfort Association) to provide the most accurate and industry standard calculations for heating and cooling loads.

We are TECA Certified to provide the calculations needed to properly size the mechanical equipment of a home. This is vital, because the old sizing “rule of thumb” can result in grossly oversized equipment.

We are certified through TECA to provide:

F280-12 Heat Loss / Gain Calculations
The TECA Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculator encompasses the CSA F280-12 calculation methods. It has been designed by TECA to provide an efficient and accurate method of calculating heating and cooling loads for Part 9 buildings, which is used to make sure the equipment is sized correctly for your home.
Forced Air System Sizing, Design and Layouts
Forced air heating systems can be very unforgiving on the operation end, if the design and sizing is not quite optimal. Having a system designed in the planning phase can also allow for ductwork to not be an after-thought, leading to a system that not only works as intended but is also easier to install because its been allowed for in the design of the home.
HRV System Design
HRVs are designed to provide balanced airflow, which results in enhanced indoor air quality and improved building envelope durability. HRV systems reduce drafts that can cause thermal discomfort by pre-conditioning outdoor ventilation air.
Ventilation Checklists
A ventilation checklist is a tool used to confirm the ventilation requirements of the home. This is a crucial step in ensuring occupant safety and building resilience.

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