Energy Advising and Consulting

Educating builders and homeowners on the best practices for achieving energy efficient and sustainable homes that last.

Energy Efficient Building Consulting

We are Certified Energy Advisors; however, more than that we like to call ourselves Energy Consultants. The difference is education, we take the time to make sure what is being proposed & done on-site is fully understood. We provide a full spectrum of support in the management of all energy-related matters.

Why work with an Energy Advisor?

Certified Energy Advisors (EAs) are specialists in rating home energy efficiency, and they provide guidance to homeowners who are interested in improving their home’s efficiency. EAs are registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver EnerGuide Rating Systems (ERS) for new or existing homes.

How long does the process take typically?

With open communication and sufficient information provided, the energy modelling and permit documentation can usually be completed in within 2 weeks. It is highly recommended to complete a mid-construction airtightness evaluation as many complications and/or issues can be more easily resolved at this phase in construction. Upon completion of your project, we will perform a final blower test and send the updated model to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). The final reports and EnerGuide Rating Systems (ERS) label will be issued within approximately a week.

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