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As experts in our field, Airtight Consulting can provide you with strategies that help increase cost saving efficiencies before you begin your project as well as throughout the construction process. Our Integrated Design Process has been developed to help your projects stay compliant and competitive.

We provide a pre-permit evaluation of the home based on plans prior to construction. We use the most current energy modelling software to accurately predict the energy consumption of the home as planned.
We provide details as to the best materials to maximize air quality and energy efficiency and offer suggestions to improve the energy usage of the home. Working through different modelling options helps to find the most cost effective roadmap to achieve compliance to the BC Energy Step Code.
We include a mid-construction air tightness evaluation and a final construction blower door test of the home at completion. Our tests include the use of a smoke machine and thermal camera to find any problem areas. You will receive fully detailed compliance reports at each step.
Certify & Label
The results of the final test and energy model are submitted to Natural Resources Canada who will issue the final EnerGuide label. An optional TECA Certification can also be provided.

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